ISA Working to Protect and Improve Our Smallmouth Fisheries
Eric baitcasting evening topwater
Evening topwater
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Site Design and Build by Eric Schaaf
Executive Board, Newsletter & Website
Eric joined the ISA as Webmaster in 2002 and is responsible for cultivating the ISA's visual brand. Accomplishments include design and production coordination of the ISA tradeshow booth, three versions of the ISA Web site, three versions of the ISA Web forums, design of a "report poaching" pocket card, design of a "report pollution and poaching" sign, the official ISA PowerPoint presentation template, "Conservation Station" banner and many other projects. He has been editing the Bronzeback Bulletin newsletter since May of 2012. Eric works in the IT industry and resides in the far western suburbs with his wife and two children.

Eric Schaaf, Grant Schaaf
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Smallmouth artwork by Artist Paul Turnbaugh of Wildheartland. Used with permission.

The ISA logo was designed by Geoff Marko.


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